Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Welcome to my World !!

 Say Hello to my Little Friends,
This is my Growing collection of Dolls (fabric and Ceramic)
All Animal Image Tins.
These all started to come in my world, by accident to start with !
Inherited and Given,
 Then I spotted one or two whilst out Shopping and Can't part with them !!
Now i go looking for them. Love my Little Friends :-)
 This  is one part of  my Bedroom Wall decorated in Blank Frames
This had Started as a Declutter approx 2 years ago
I had so much art everywhere that i took everything off the walls
I then Decided to choose my favorite Vintage Frames and just put them up Blank
 Love the Look and Character Of each of the frames

Recently the wall has become a place for special treasures, gifts and cards. 
Here's a look

Brown Paper Bag Bear
This bag was in my Handbag with something i can't remeber i had bought from the market
a Pen had leaked leaving 2 small dots and a series of splodges
When I found him he looked so cute
Added a few details and put him on the wall
Love this Cutie!!
 Just Absolutely Love this Frame it has lost one corner which just makes it look even better
 Purple Edge Frame Just super simple and Pretty
 Another Rather Shabby Pretty Frame :-)

On the other side of the wall are more frames, forgot to take a big Picture
 so here they are  individually
 Card from my Sister :-) and my little Deer
Actually found him in the street rather Muddy
Washed and Placed here to look Sweet

 Large Frame with Paper Frame and Isabella Blow Postcard

I have had a long love of old frame
the Small Paper frame is from University days Used in one of my Projects
That goes back 10 years !!
The Isabella Blow Postcard was sent by my Sister
We Had gone to the Exhibition at Somerset House and Weeks later this arrives in the Post
Isabella Blows Fashions and Life it was Beautiful Fashion and a wonderful insight into the Crazy world of High Fashion.

Last but not Least A  Post Card of one of my Favorite Artists Katsushika Hokusai 
This is Holographic, so moves as i walk past it! Always puts a smile on my Face.
and a little Dinosaur Keyring 
Bought by my Daughter at her School trip to The Natural History Museum London 
Couldn't put it on my Keys as there is already a Robot from The Science Museum 
and any more bits on the Keyring or in my bag and I'll need a Forklift truck or replacement Shoulder!!
Thats my Wall of Frames Makes me Happy !!
Lots of new and Fun things added to the Shop Go take a look ;-)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Spring Cleaning and Goings on at the Cottage !!

Wow wee Spring has Sprung
Full on Spring Cleaning and Reorganising going out
Cleaning out the Winter Cobwebs!! and finishing lots of Projects.

Lots to go into the Etsy and Folksy Shops

2 Floral Framed Note Boards
These are Vintage Frames
The Gold one left in a Shabby Chic Finish The Other given a blast of Pink and Silver Overhaul 
With a Floral Barkcloth Backing and Ribbon Ties
 A set of Black and Gold Candles Votives, Great for any table
 Glittered Acorns (Glitter is for Life not just for Christmas !)
On there own or in a Garland
 This is the Finished Letter Holder shown in an earlier post
This has been given a complete overhaul
with String wrapped frame
and Airmail Detailing
 This little Vintage parasol has finally been completed
With an Overhaul Cleaning and fixing the joints.
 This is My Happy Little Mushroom Sewing Caddy/ Pin Cushion
A super sweet little Decorative and Practical Mushroom !!
  Finally This little Pretty Spice Rack a  Floral Pretty Shabby Chic Decoration for the Home

Spring Sunshine Definately puts a Spring in my step!!
 Lots done and Lots more to Do;-)

Friday, 7 March 2014

New Creations, Finds and Loves

I have been doing lots of bits, constantly trying to Organise myself !

Here's what I've been upto lately

This Little Vanity Case has been in and Out of the Etsy Shop and Never sold 
I just think that maybe its Gone from Cute Vintage to just Bad Vintage 
Needs a little Overhaul, Stay Tuned for the New Look to come in a Few Days Or Weeks 
Dependant on when i get time to do it!!
Remnant of a Broken Fan  Paper Corrugated Bird 
Red Long Tailed Bird ona Gorgeous Rich Gold Background with the Pretty Pink Roses
Not to Sure how i will use this yet?
 This is just one of a large Selection Of Vintage Newspaper Cutouts that i came across in my Travels
Dated 1933 to 1950's
I do love the Romanticism of these gorgeous old Newspaper Adverts
Just a Brief look Back at Simpler Times
 Super cute little Vintage Tin Super Cute on one side and Covered in thick Paint on the other
This Will need a Little TLC to bring it back ?!
Wish me Luck!!

Say Hello to my Little Friends These 2 Pretties were found and It was instant Love
I love the Shiny Outfits, but they do need a little TLC
The Lady with Black Hair was infact Bald when i found her.
She had some minor Surgery and she has received new Black Ostrich Feather Hair
They are awaiting a few mini wardrobe Additions
I am Thinking Hats Scarves and Belts, maybe even a shoe ?

A New Project in Progress stay tuned for what Becomes of these Cuties it may Surprise you !!

Can't beat a Glittery Acorn! Glitter is not just for Christmas People!! There are Lots of These to come.
And Yet another Project, This has Already been Finished you can guess what i did !! patience of a saint ;-(( not! this sent me a little crazy, but i think looks great. Finished look to come soon.
Last, but definitely not least a Salvaged set of wings and Box Get a Black  Gothic Look
  Stuck on how to finish this little piece as of yet
I  promise to get this done soon ;-)
That's all for now, Lots of Finished Projects to come soon and Lots more finds
I can't beat a good search for new Goodies!!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The look book

Here's a look at some of the hundreds of photos taken over the last years. 
Gives a small glimpse into The Chocolate Box Cottage Look!! 

Here are a few for now 
lots more to come !! ;-))