Friday, 7 March 2014

New Creations, Finds and Loves

I have been doing lots of bits, constantly trying to Organise myself !

Here's what I've been upto lately

This Little Vanity Case has been in and Out of the Etsy Shop and Never sold 
I just think that maybe its Gone from Cute Vintage to just Bad Vintage 
Needs a little Overhaul, Stay Tuned for the New Look to come in a Few Days Or Weeks 
Dependant on when i get time to do it!!
Remnant of a Broken Fan  Paper Corrugated Bird 
Red Long Tailed Bird ona Gorgeous Rich Gold Background with the Pretty Pink Roses
Not to Sure how i will use this yet?
 This is just one of a large Selection Of Vintage Newspaper Cutouts that i came across in my Travels
Dated 1933 to 1950's
I do love the Romanticism of these gorgeous old Newspaper Adverts
Just a Brief look Back at Simpler Times
 Super cute little Vintage Tin Super Cute on one side and Covered in thick Paint on the other
This Will need a Little TLC to bring it back ?!
Wish me Luck!!

Say Hello to my Little Friends These 2 Pretties were found and It was instant Love
I love the Shiny Outfits, but they do need a little TLC
The Lady with Black Hair was infact Bald when i found her.
She had some minor Surgery and she has received new Black Ostrich Feather Hair
They are awaiting a few mini wardrobe Additions
I am Thinking Hats Scarves and Belts, maybe even a shoe ?

A New Project in Progress stay tuned for what Becomes of these Cuties it may Surprise you !!

Can't beat a Glittery Acorn! Glitter is not just for Christmas People!! There are Lots of These to come.
And Yet another Project, This has Already been Finished you can guess what i did !! patience of a saint ;-(( not! this sent me a little crazy, but i think looks great. Finished look to come soon.
Last, but definitely not least a Salvaged set of wings and Box Get a Black  Gothic Look
  Stuck on how to finish this little piece as of yet
I  promise to get this done soon ;-)
That's all for now, Lots of Finished Projects to come soon and Lots more finds
I can't beat a good search for new Goodies!!

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