Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Jams, Chutneys and Pickles

With the Change in weather and the Cold Damp spell we have had.
 I spent the weekend clearing the last of the Vegetable Patch
After a Crazy year of Veg There was still lots left!!
Had a Huge Glut of Veggies
Lots of Squashes and Large Marrows that were Hidden under the Large Leaves 
Plus 3 Kilos of Green Tomatoes

The Cooking Bug took me and I got the Big Cooking Pots out
 Here are all those Gorgeous Green Tomatoes with Great Bright Colours Ready to make a Chutney
 And a selection of  Large  Marrows and squashes /Pumpkins
(not sure of some of these varieties as my garden has a tendency to self seed!!)
 A selection of Mini Courgettes and squashes (these became a nice pasta Dish That Weekend Yum!)
 Here is a Brief Glimpse of The Green Tomato Chutney
This was at the Half way stage
I had chopped 3 kilos of tomatoes and 500 Grams of Onions
But well worth it, I had lost my recipe, so found this one here Grans-Green-Tomato-Chutney
Love the Yummy Smells of Chutney around the house!!
and this tasted Great when cooked and made 5 large Jars.
I didn't get pictures of The Marrow Ginger Jam, made this using the large 2 kilo Marrow
I was looking for something new to do with all my Marrows and This was truly Yummy and super easy recipe.
Found the recipe online here allrecipes.co.uk ginger-marrow-jam
 I did add alot more Ginger  (more like large 10cm piece, rather than 3cm piece in the recipe!)
as i love that warm flavour of ginger and thought if would be great topping for toast or porridge during Autumn Winter Months!!
The Jam made Four Large Jars and already only have 2 left
My Parents Pinched a jar and my Brother the Other
Gorgeous Jammy Ginger Preserve  and no one Realised it was nearly all  marrow 
Think I will be making More!!

Busy This week With all Things Christmas
My house will be a Glittery Mess By the end of the Week :-))

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