Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Toys and Things

Over the Year I have been finding Lots of Gorgeous Vintage Toys  to add to the shop
Here is just a small selection of what i have been finding!!

 Gorgeous Pull along wooden Gorilla
He would rock as he went along
Solid wood with all wood fixtures such a great find and i found 2 !!

 Classic Red London Bus with lots of labels love the look of this

 Another Great Wooden Toy Lovely solid wood Tipper Truck
Below a Super cute Dinosaur  Money Box with Perspex sides
I love the way he is looking back as if counting the money in his belly!
 The so Bad is Good Plastic, Vintage Irish Toy Duck
Love the weird outward looking eyes?!

And Lastly the Yellow Duckies these were rather ugly and badly painted
so i had a little diy job
I painted them Yellow with a bright Orange beak, but they looked too clean
they were given a sand and a Shabby Chic finish and a new strong string and bead to pull along

Have loved finding toys especially the wooden variety
Something lovely about the Handmade robust Quality.
Will be hopefully finding more for the shop especially for those great stocking filler presents:-)

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