Friday, 7 November 2014

Vintage Christmas

Wow its been a while
Lots of things Created and sorted  Last week plus a super long weekend in London
(more info about that later!!)

Mostly Christmas
Here are a few of the Fairies i have upcycled

 This little lady was in rather bad a state, Where do i start Bad hair Tinfoil dress andHer wings where ripped and ruined

 And then This lady with a completely Flattened and Broken Skirt / Base
 First Task fix the Skirt
I had to carefully remove her base from wings and body
 Then use this as a template to make a new base
 and A little of added Voila Later and Ta Da !!
 She looks Fantastic!!
Then there is this little lady

Remove the foil Dress and her top and arms her hair and wings
I then Relined the wings replaced the Hair and added some glittery Voile to the Dress
Little set of Tree top Fairy/ Angels for the Festive season :-)

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