Thursday, 26 March 2015

 I have had a Busy start to 2015 and have forgotten  to blog for a while now
Started the year with a huge sort of all the stock and craft item that i own and began bagging up alot with i deemed surplus to my current requirements.
most Creative people will understand the Hording  Accumulation of Bits and Pieces and The endless Growing List of Projects Many of these large Destash collections offered in my Vintage / Supplies Etsy Shop


The Year started with me being Busy covering everything in Paper
Lots of Decoupage onto anything that didn't move ( Watch Out People!!)
Here are a few of the Curent Items done this year, Available in my Etsy Shop


 Pretty Rose Floral covered Tins
 Wooden Map Covered Cars and Buses

 Mushroom Egg Cup
MMmmm Mushrooms another Passion of Mine;-))

 Not Decoupage but a Fabric wrapped set of Hearts with an Ombre paint Finish
 A set of boxes that i have had for a while These are the Before .....

 They have seen Better Days

 This was painted a Bright Blue and Covered in Hand Cut Airplanes From an Old Vintage book
 Lined with a Paper Galaxy of Stars
 This Box was Covered in Ghost Leaves and Painted in silver blue and green Giving a textured Metallic Finish I really love
 Lined with Board covered in a Silver and Blue Bird and Tree Print Fabric
(actually a Vintage Scarf)
Love the Colour Match of Lining and Outside
 Now to this Tray a Really Labour of love
 The Old Flower Print had seen better days and this had been up for sale in the Vintage shop
 It was now in need of an overhaul
 Of Hundreds of Hand Cut Butterflies
YES that was HANDCUT Butterflies Hundreds of Them
I Got Hand Cramp on several Occassions,
But well worth it

 This is me tidying the edge and Finish the Large Tray
This will be in the shop soon just needs the weather to stay nice so i can get a last layer of varnish on
 These Pretty Decoupaged Bottle of Paper and lace
Great for any Boudoir or Powder Room
 Welcome to my little Fairy World
Of Toadstools Fair Rings and Old Magical Woodland
 This Little Creation was from one of those weird spots in my Head
The Jekyll and Hyde Part
These are Round wooden Blocks textured and Paint to Become tree Stumps
All Well attched to the Base of The Woodland and Small Mushrooms Added
This is intended as a display piece for jewellery or a fairy collection
Super sweet mini Kitsch kawai Piece for my Cottage Shop

 These are another Piece from my head A Ring of Golden Shells
A great sun Salutation
Two Rings of Butterfly shaped small shells Placed and Then Painted with a Bright Gold

 This Has a Matching Piece in the set a Glass Heart Finished with a Silvered Paint Finish
 Now after the Interlude of Creative Jekyll and Hyde Back to Decoupage
This Time Lots of Hearts
His and Hers Heroes
These are all Vintage Superman and Spiderman Men and Women
Each Decoupaged on to a heart and then Joined together Forever
Great little Engagement or wedding gift:-)

**** Little Interlude Of a Glittered Bird Cage and Birds  ( so Tiny and Pretty )*****
 Back to Seaside Decoupaged Blocks of cute Seaside themed Art Blocks

 And now to some Decoupaged Bowls and Trays
A Purple Tarot Card Bowl
 A Bright Blue Lady Bug / Lady Bird Tray
 A Rich Green Marine Life Large Tray
All using Gorgeous Bright Colour Vintage Images

 My Kitsch and Cute Gunslinging Cowboys
Great Collection
Yeeaaa !!! Haaaa!!
 A large Play box of Blocks of Pretty Maps and Music and vintage Pink stripes
 And then on to 2 newer projects
These are my embroidered Crowns
Sewn and Padded Plush Crown Prints
Hand Embellished with and Assortment of Beads and embroidery
Great Home Ornaments to hang or Place around the Home 

 Each one is unique one of a Kind Piece
Great for The Queen of the House or your Pretty Princess

Last but not least a Easter Goodie
My Little wooden Mushroom Egg Cup
a Hand Painted Base and Embroidery Egg Warmer
What better way to have breakfast on Easter Morning:-))

Mushrooms are becoming a current theme in the workshop at the moment more of them to come

If your still here after that lot Thanks for stopping by. I promise to be back more often
Lots of work to carry on with. xx

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