Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Cocoktail O'Clock

I'm not sure if i have mentioned before How I love all Things Vintage Cocktail and Barware

Lots of my item sell pretty quickly so its obviously a favorite of a lot of other people too ;-)

  Here are a few of my favorite kits
Yes They are First Aid Kits , But Not any Ordinary First Aid Kits

 Cocktail Making Equipment
And Shot Glasses
The Proper sort of First Aid
ALCOHOL Applied Liberally !!

Then their are lots of Boxed Glasses
Great little sets for yourself or as a gift 

Each of the Boxes is Handmade and Covered by me.
Each box has apertures to hold the glasses
I try and Match the Boxes to the Glasses Making a great little set

 Vintage Ladies and Gents in a Matching Style box
All of the above sets have sold, but if your quick you could find a few of the below sets still in my Vintage shop
 Mini Martini Glasses in a Vintage Music Paper Box
I imagine the Glasses  being used during a Music recital or Jazz Night
 Mini Martini on its own for an 18th or 21st Brithday
The Day that you have your first Alcoholic Drink ;-)
In a Map covered box, I should put this as the area the person lives in so they can use it to  find their way home at the end of the night!! ( if they can still see or walk at that point)
 A His and Hers Shot Glass Set ( best to not drink alone!)
in a blue and red paper box
 or Mini Mini Little Sherry or Posh Shot Glasses
 Or just  Classic Retro Shot Glass

and the Perfect accompaniment to a Cocktail night is The Proper Attire
Great Classic Martini Apron
Make mine Dirty!!
Shaken Not Stirred Please.

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