Sunday, 26 April 2015

Shopping trips and Ice Cream

Went on a shopping trip for Vintage Goodies and on the way back passed through the Village of Henley in Arden 
near that Famous place of Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare country. 
Hmm wonder why we stopped!! 
Morello Cherry and Pralines and Cream 
A stop at Henley IceCream is a must. 
Picking just 2 flavours was pretty hard 
The Dairy has been here for years and my parents have been coming here since they were children 
Its a Beautiful building,as is the whole Village 
This is the old Village school now houses 
Spooky looking old side lanes 
Each building has its own unique Character and identity 
The only shame is the town has lost its old farmers Market. When I was a child you could buy livestockand  boxes of Chicks, my friend ended up with a cockerel in with her chickens, her neighbors weren't happy when it started crowing!! 
And many of the pubs have gone or been changed into Houses 
There was the Famous Henley Mile Pub Crawl to make through the village not sure if anyone every did it?! 
Talking about it makes me want to go back, more Morello Cherry I think!! 

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