Friday, 24 April 2015

Mushroom Mania

Well Mushroom Mania has well and truly set in at the Workshop
Although not the natural time to see mushrooms, They are sprouting up all over the place!!

 A work in progress, These Basic Shapes where each covered in Vintage Lace
Fluufy and Frilled Piece Panels and Placed and Stitched into Place

 Big and little they're all over the shelfs and ledges...
 Even sprouting from Frames!
 A mini collection of Lace Detailed  Pretties, Each Mushroom becomes its own little art work with its own character
 These are a Mixture of Specimens Some of Good Magical Mushrooms and Some of  Black Magic Dark Toadstools
 The Lesser spotted Black, A Dark Magic Toadstool

The Large Domed Blue Good Magic Mushroom
The Mottled Flat top, Dark Magic Toadstool
The  Small Stout White, Very Good Magic Mushroom
 The Long Oval Shabby, Good Magic Mushroom
The  Black Lace, Deadly Dark Magic Toadstool

 The Deceptively Pretty  Blushing Veiled Rust Cap, Dark Magic Toadstool
 Fluted Pink Top (with immature Specimens) Good Magic Mushroom

The Purple Stocking Web Cap, Dark Magic Mushroom
 The Pointed Shabby Cream, Good Magic Mushroom

Each little Dark  Toadstool or Magical Mushroom comes numbered with its own Label Name, Description and Story
Each one is One of a Kind Soft Sculpture!!

This is only the Beginning, My Current Obsession isn't going away anytime soon
More Mushroom Mania to Come ;-))

All The Above available over the Next Few Days in the Shop here
Grab them While you can !!

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